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The Fleshyard Haunted House is a family owned and operated immersive Haunted Maze Attraction started in 2015.  In 2021 we have rebranded our attraction as Dark Harvest.   We want to thank everyone who have supported our development over the years.  Your patronage is truly appreciated.  While the Fleshyard may be in the past, it will always be a part of our attraction moving forward.  Our goal towards the haunt community is to provide a hyper-realistic haunted attraction that will scare, thrill, startle and entertain you.  Please continue to follow our journey towards providing you a great independent haunted attraction in the So Cal area.  Happy Haunting! - Adam and Kerry

The Story thus far...


In the 1800s, Bernardo Yorba became one of the most successful ranchers in Alta California. He received a huge land grant that was composed of a large part of North Orange County, including present day Yorba Linda. During this period, thousands of cattle would graze upon his more than 35,000 acres. He built a huge Hacienda which was one of the finest and largest of the area. During the latter parts of his life, many people would help him maintain his livestock, including the Kearny family. The Kearny family was one of Bernardo Yorba’s hardest working families, and they established their own farm through their success with Bernardo Yorba.


People would travel from local areas to the Kearny Family Farm to get food for their families. Every few weeks, people would come and buy beef, chicken, and pork from Abraham Kearny. Abraham Kearny, along with his wife Sarah, had three daughters and two sons who helped run the farm. They specialized in raising and slaughtering cows, pigs, and chickens.


One day, a neighbor named Tobias Jones went to buy some meat from the Kearny Family Farm. On the road up to the farm he could smell the most intense and terrible rotting smell. Once he arrived at the farm, he found dead, rotting, mutilated animals all strewn over the place. Flies and crows buzzed all around the farm. He proceeded into the main house and found each of the members of the Kearny family lying dead having been viciously slaughtered. There was blood everywhere. The oldest Kearny daughter, Alvina was dressed in the same pink gown she always wore to church on Sundays. The rest of the family looked to have just gotten done working in the fields, and were dressed in their boots and coveralls. Dinner was still on the table…covered in maggots.


To this day, no one knows who or why the Kearny family was murdered. After this incident the locals called this area the Fleshyard and the whole farm was burned to the ground.

The stench of the Fleshyard could be smelled from miles around for weeks after. Some days, if the wind is just right, you can still smell the rotting decay of the Kearny Farm. Alvina, who later became known as the “The Pink Lady” continues to haunt the Yorba Linda Cemetery. The rest of the Kearny family continues to haunt this area as well. 


Beware of the Fleshyard… where the depraved souls of those murdered come back to seek their revenge!



Ryan B.

I went to the Puente Hills Mall last night to experience Horrorworld, and of the three mazes that were presented the one that really stuck out above the rest was The Flesh Yard created by Adam and Kerry LeBlanc. The scareactors and the line attendants were on point delivering service and scares with great passion. I found the possession theme very well delivered and appreciated an overall story presented with a theme that was consistent throughout. I see great haunts coming from The Fleshyard in the future.

Natalie S.

The storyline is amazing!

Ken M.

Very enjoyable haunt. Clearly done by folks with a passion. It was longer than I expected and had some really great surprises! It's a can't miss if you're in the area!

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